The Most Annoying Movie Scenes of All Time

There is no denying the fact that movies are a great source of entertainment. They can help us relax and momentarily escape the stresses of life. However, there can often be moments that drive viewers insane. They are either acted in an outlandish fashion or are simply twisted in the way directors approach them. Have a look for yourself as we present the most annoying movie scenes of all time.

Most annoying movie scenes

Jurassic Park

A movie featuring dinosaurs was always going to be a fascinating idea. Director Spielberg did impress us all with these reptiles roaming along the streets. However, he took everyone by surprise when he let a T-Rex quietly enter the museum, perhaps through a magical Dino-door in an attempt to stop other dinos from gobbling the protagonist.

Jurassic Park - Most Annoying Movie Scenes

Perhaps one of the most annoying movie scenes is a bit in the movie that defies all logic. Remember the part where the entire world is shaking but the actors are focused on the reason why their cups are shaking? It still takes them quite a while to figure that there is a huge Tyrannosaurus headed their way. Perhaps, the Rex took some ninja classes, huh? Or maybe they couldn’t hear the dino from far since the music was too loud (sarcasm intended).


Remember the plank scene from Titanic, after Jake and Rose finish their (temple) run on the ship and finally stumble upon the lifeboat? This is one of most annoying scenes that make you question human sense. There is a huge plank that can easily allow more than one person aboard. Unlike Rose, who decided to lie down on the plank for some odd reason, a normal person would have sat on one side to allow their beloved to balance the other end.

Titanic - Most Annoying Movie Scenes

It’s almost as if Rose had a bone to pick with poor Jack and the best way to do that was to make him freeze to death. You know what, had this incident taken place in my hometown, atleast ten people would have gotten aboard without even blinking. Whether that plank would have cared to stay intact is just another subject for now.


Life used to be so nice and simple despite the highs and lows, everything used to make perfect sense for the most part and there seemed to be some sort of rationale behind everything, but all of that changed after Predestination. Calling this movie infuriating is quite the understatement, since it makes viewers question the meaning and implication of nearly every move made in the film.

Predestination - Most Annoying Movie Scenes

Here is Predestination in a gist: a guy who is actually a lady has sex with himself, somehow manages to pull himself out of his own body, murders himself in cold blood and learns that he/she has not actually died. Did that sound confusing enough, or have you lost your sense of hearing already? Hopefully, you understand why this freakish movie makes it to the list of the most annoying movie scenes of all time.


The scene that qualifies to be on the list of the most annoying movie scenes is one that many actually found quite creepy. Still, the critiques among us have this nagging habit of looking past the creepy or the beautiful and calling things out for what they are. The scene in question features an alien invader that happens to find itself in a water fight where it is eliminated by water that is acid to its skin.

Signs - Most Annoying Movie Scenes

Just imagine for a moment that these aliens decide to board ship on Earth three-quarters of which comprises water, rivers and seas of water in various parts and experiences rainy days on a regular basis. It seems like this breed of aliens lacked knowledge of good resorts and got a tough deal. Some people would suggest they moved around in the darkness of the night, but what about the dew at night as these creatures scampered around? Ofcourse, there must be fluoride in that water (sarcasm intended).

Deep Impact

It would be rather unfair to finish off the list of the most annoying movie scenes of all time without the mention of a scene from Deep Impact. Basically, scientists in the movie devise a plan to nuke a comet that is fast-approaching the Earth. You need no Sherlock to understand that destroying a fast-approaching comet would only worsen the situation as a bullet would transform into a buckshot.

Deep Impact - Most Annoying Movie Scenes

Instead, the geniuses at work could have proposed a solution that involved pushing the asteroid aside to change its course. Exploding a nuke at one side of the comet can cause sufficient amount of evaporation, the heat from which can deflect the asteroid. That makes so much more sense than exploding a nuke too close to the surface. Ofcourse, from the director’s viewpoint, deflecting it so that it changes its course is just not as dramatic as blowing it to bits and conveniently assuming it wouldn’t harm Planet Earth.

Miscellaneous annoyances

Plucking out the bullet with a knife (Why else do protagonists exist, right?)

Yanking out the knife to ‘save’ the dying

Spraying blood out of the mouth immediately after being shot in the abdomen

Do you have any ideas that you could add to the list of the most annoying movie scenes? Share them with us in the comments below.

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