Star Wars: The Force Awakens Easter Eggs You May Have Missed

In case you did not notice, the overall plot of Star Wars: The Force Awakens reeks of the same story as that of Episode IV. Understandably, the movie that followed the trilogy was littered with multiple Easter eggs. While a few of these are obvious to all, some might not be so easily identifiable. So then, let us present to you some interesting The Force Awakens Easter eggs.

The Force Awakens Easter eggs

First dialogue

For those of you who have followed average reviews of the prequels that followed the first trilogy would be aware that The Force Awakens was meant to put Star Wars back into people’s good books. It is not surprising that the first dialogue we hear in the movie goes like this: “This will begin to make things right”. Infact, it is quite amusing to note how honest the filmmakers are by admitting how this movie is an attempt to put the movie back on track.

Darth Vader’s helmet

Hopefully, it wasn’t so tough for you to identify Darth Vader’s helmet. Though, it seems like the melted object hinted at the impressive take on the prequels by Red Letter Media’s Mr. Plinkett. Ofcourse, those molars and premolars are a dead giveaway. Perhaps, Vader’s helmet has the advantage with a few more plastic teeth.

Number 2187

Finn is allocated the number 2187 which explains his codename ‘FN-2187’. Isn’t it interesting that when Princess Leia was captured and held in the Death Star, her allocated cell was also 2187? So very fascinating, this is.

The rescue mission

Finn took off his helmet before stating ‘this is a rescue’ which vividly mimics the scene from episode IV whereby Luke played the role of the rescuer. He uttered the words ‘I’m here to rescue you’ prior to opening the cell that Princess Leia was held in.

The rolling stones

Han Solo is seen running down a corridor  as a rathtar rolls after him. This is so similar to the scene from Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark. It is as if Indiana Jones wanted to relive the popular scene in a different movie. It would be a shame for Indiana Jones fans fans to miss one of these The Force Awakens Easter eggs.

Zen stone pyramids

Towards the end, we see a shot of small zen stone pyramids when Rey gets on top of the hill on the island. These are similar to those that Luke builds in the old movies in order to practice his force as he trains on Dagobah with the help of Yoda. This not only revives memories of the past but might even be an indication of what is yet to come with the next Star Wars film.

That wraps up some interesting The Force Awakens Easter eggs from our side. If you feel there are any others that deserve a mention, let us know in the comments below.

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