Reasons Why The Deadpool Movie Cost Only $58 Million To Make

The Deadpool movie has gained quite the fame in the industry, and rightly so. Besides the witty nature of the superhero, the action reeled in fans without hitch. However, it is quite amazing to note that the Deadpool movie took a budget as low as $58 million to make while it managed to earn the makers a whopping $491 million. This budget is extremely low compared to movies such as Man of Steel and Batman Begins which required $225 million and $150 million, respectively. This begs the obvious question: how come Deadpool set back the filmmakers merely $58 million to make?

Fox - Deadpool movie

Safe play by Fox

20th Century Fox toyed with the idea of introducing Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine which didn’t quite go well. No wonder they were quite doubtful about the success of a full-fledged Deadpool movie. Following the impressive reception of the test footage of the Deadpool film in 2014, they went ahead and gave it another opportunity. Though, they granted the filmmakers a limited budget in light of the low expectations and wish for better returns. It’s nice to see Deadpool take a dig at this in the Deadpool film: “It’s almost like the studio couldn’t afford another X-Man.”

Deadpool movie location

One location

Having set themselves a tight budget of $58 million, Tim Miller along with the remainder of the production team decided to be shoot the entire Deadpool movie in a single location. The scenes for the movie were shot in Vancouver, Canada between 23rd March, 2015 and 29th May, 2015 and between 5th November, 2015 and 19th November, 2015.

Deadpool movie cast

Brief cast

Believe it or not, there are merely fifteen named roles in the Deadpool movie. Feel free to head over to IMDB to verify that, folks. Half of this list of characters have a minor role to play in the film. Interestingly, Ryan Reynolds had no issue getting a significant reduction in his compensation only to play his role in the Deadpool film. Talk about commitment to the cause.

Deadlpool movie action

Tight script

The writers of the Deadpool movie managed to make a superhero movie that is shorter compared to most others with a length of merely one hour and forty eight minutes. This merited the need for cutting down on special effects, various actions sequences and even purposeful lack of guns in one of the major action scenes to do away with the need for a firearm-laden final battle.

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