Movie Ideas Assumed to be True But Are Actually Not

Movies are a a great medium of entertainment and learning. Though, there are times when some movie ideas make us believe things that are not actually true. Here are a few such movie ideas which you may be able to relate to.

CCTV camera footage - movie ideas

Government agents can bring up random videos from CCTV camera

It is true that systems are usually inter-operable. However, it is quite unbelievable for government officials to remember ID codes for any camera they wish. How does one even even come up with the set password for a random CCTV camera, and expect to switch to any camera angle they like? Add to that the mystery of officials zooming in on low resolution images only to somehow enhance them such that they can view the minutest of details.

Cardiac defibrillator - movie ideas

Cardiac defibrillator pads bring the dead back from death

This is one of the most common movie ideas that you would see in every other film. A dying patient has his/her ECG down to flat line but is brought back to life once shocked by defibrillator pads. The electric shock jolts the dead person, flinging them up a few inches and turning the flat line into a normal wave once again. In actuality, the defibrillator is employed to bring back an irregular heart rhythm back to normal. The electric shock depolarizes one’s heart in order to initiate normal pulse. In short, it is bonkers to think that a dead heart can be ‘restarted’.

Humans in space - movie ideas

Humans explode the instant they are exposed to outer space

We are often shown this in a number of movies and cartoons where a human, in the absence of sufficient protective equipment, instantly pops upon being exposed to outer space. This may seem plausible due to the assumption that a body explodes once it is exposed to vacuum However, the human body functions quite differently compared to other bodies such as a balloon. NASA confirmed that a human body does not explode, nor does the blood boil once the human body is exposed to outer space. Also, the environment in space is cold but the body does not immediately freeze.

Police uniform - movie ideas

Police uniforms perfectly fit

Many movies give us the impression that nearly every cop in the U.S. has a wardrobe full of impeccably tailored police uniforms. Actually, that is not quite accurate. Police uniforms are cut like boxes more often than not. They need to be washed time and again, which means that they hardly ever fit as people with different body types wear them.

Humanlike ET - movie ideas

Most ETs look almost exactly like humans

Movies featuring ETs tend to have creatures that seem almost exactly like human beings, albeit with weirdly shaped marks and veins on the forehead, strange patterns of hair and slit on the nose. More often than not, the eyes, brows and mouths do not vary much. Though, what are the chances that ETs would look like humans rather than octopuses,  sheep, dogs and chimpanzees? These movie ideas hint at a high probability but it is not necessary if it were true.

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