David Hasselhoff takes a dinosaur for a ride in his new music video for Kickstarted movie Kung Fury

Laser Unicorns, responsible for the Kickstarter-backed movie ‘Kung Fury’, have recruited former Knight Rider star ‘David Hasselhoff’ for the movie’s theme song, ‘True Survivor’. David Hasselhoff seems to have no care in the world as he strolls past wolves with glowing eyes and rides a dinosaur after beating up the bad guys.

Wearing fingerless gloves and sporting a curled mullet, David Hasselhoff makes his way out of his Lamborghini only to take a ride on a dinosaur later. What follows is a mix of images showing flamethrowers, vintage computers, synthsizers, Adolph Hitler and ofcourse, David Hasselhoff’s deadly stare. Action comedy film, Kung Fury is set to release on May 28, 2015.

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