Best Horror Movies of All-Time

Who doesn’t like a good horror film? If you happen to have a weakness for horror movies, there are plenty of options on offer. Let us present to you the best horror movies of all-time.

The Shining - best horror movies

The Shining

The Shining is one of those horror movies that get spookier and spookier as they progress. Embellished with the outstanding direction of Stanley Kubrick along with breathtaking acting by the cast (especially Jack Nicholson) and highly engaging background score, this movie is quite the blast from the past. What really puts The Shining atop all the best horror movies is its art and cinematography despite the absence of CGI back in the 1980s. You will actually feel the terror gradually build up and get under your skin with this one.

The Exorcist- best horror movies

The Exorcist

There is no doubt that The Exorcist has a gripping plot and some genuinely scary scenes to complement it. Released in the ‘70s, this film is capable of sending chills down your spine despite the modern technology incorporated in the modern horror crowd. The movie revolves around a girl possessed by the devil. What makes this a total horror fest is the way the girl can spin her head backwards and spider-walk downstairs. This is surely one the best horror movies that you must watch if you’re a horror film buff.

The Ring - best horror movies

The Ring

The Ring features a twisted plot that does not shy from amping up the creep factor. You could probably think of this as ghost tales meeting Japanese sensibility combined by jump scares in American films. While The Ring does not really break any ground when it comes to the best horror movies, it is still sure to scare the crap out of you if you watch it with the lights off.

The Conjuring - best horror movies

The Conjuring

The Conjuring is not your run-of-the-mill horror movie riddled with jump scares here, there and everywhere. Arguably, this is the most refreshing take on possession movies which does a great job at setting the right tone for the creep factor to kick in. The best horror movies not only introduce the creep factor but keep you at the edge of your seat, feeling the chills throughout the movie. Fortunately, The Conjuring does a brilliant job of that.

Psycho - best horror movies


A list for the best horror movies would be incomplete without the mention of Pyscho by Alfred Hitchcock. The real terror in the movie is not derived from jumpscares but the uncertainty of the killer’s identification. While other movies at the time based the ‘horror’ around gory murder scenes and creepy monsters, Psycho did it with the right amount of suspense. Watch how the mystery unfolds, and next time you go to shower, watch out.

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