Actors Who Would Play The Joker Better Than Most

Let us be clear that Heath Ledger is nearly irreplaceable as The Joker. Not only did he do justice to the iconic character, but he also re-imagined and redefined how people thought about hated/loved psychopath. Key to playing a character like The Joker is to not only play but also live him. Clearly, not everyone can truly capture the bubbling energy of insanity that Ledger brought along. Thus, we bring you our top picks for the character of The Joker.

Jake Gyllenhaal - The Joker

Jake Gyllenhaal

If you ever got a chance to watch the movies, Prisoner and Nightcrawler, you would appreciate how fittingly Jake plays the character of a psychopath. Interestingly, he contested and lost the role of Batman to Christian Bale for Batman Begins. It is even more interesting to note that he is just as good at morphing his demeanor for specific roles. If he were ever cast as The Joker, perhaps it would be partly due to Bale. There would be some poetic justice in that since The Joker exists because of the Batman.

Robert Knepper - The Joker

Robert Knepper

Remember his appearance in Prison Break TV series as Theodore “T-Bag” Bagwell? Knepper impressed one and all with his outstanding performance. Not only does he portray a character that is extremely volatile in nature like The Joker, but some of the mannerisms such as smacking the lips lends credence to the comic book character. There is no doubt that Knepper has got the goods needed to play a character as iconic as The Joker.

Willem Dafoe - The Joker

Willem Dafoe

Just look at that face; it seems to have The Joker written all over it.  Dafoe played the role of Green Goblin in Spiderman, and pulled it off without a hitch. So, you know that it’s not just his striking likeness to the comic character that would award him the role. He can surely pull it off with his acting skills just as well as the others. Though, some might argue that he is too old for a job that requires so much effort and energy.

Andrew Scott - The Joker

Andrew Scott

Andrew Scott has surged in the industry courtesy of his acting as the Mathematical genius Jim Moriarty in Sherlock TV series. The bloody psychopath clearly looked as if he was inspired by The Joker. Ofcourse, the obvious similarity between the two characters is how they go from a cheerful state to a downright cold monster. Boy oh boy, doesn’t Andrew Scott pull that off with ease and grace?

Michael Pitt - The Joker

Michael Pitt

Fans of the Hannibal TV series would remember Pitt for his role as the control freak by the name Mason Verger. Sporting a batshit crazy laughter and a having a knack for causing havoc while treating rules with absolute contempt, Pitt is as close to being The Joker as it gets. His stellar performance in the TV show clearly showed that Pitt possesses the versatility and range to play a character such as The Joker. Afterall, it’s about how well you portray that psychopathic postulates than how well you rock the face paint.

Honorable mentions:

Christoph Waltz

Matthew McConaughey

Jim Carrey

Johnny Depp

Michael C. Hall

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