The Award For Most Retweets Goes To…Ellen or Samsung?

Ellen selfie samsung promotion

Oscars this year were not just about awards and the spotlight; it was a detailed Samsung Galaxy commercial. Thanks to Ellen DeGeneres, a new Twitter retweet record was created during the show. All that was required was to gather enough big names in a huddle, shoot a selfie with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and upload it to Twitter. Retweets rolled out like there was no tomorrow. Mission accomplished! On the face of it, the move seems spontaneous while it is clearly not. Samsung spent nearly $20 million on the ads and the integration of Samsung Galaxy smartphone in the awards show.

Samsung Galaxy Oscar

The sponsorship with ABC TV network meant that ABC TV network was determined to use Samsung devices during the show. Ellen DeGeneres was especially trained to use the Samsung Galaxy smartphone on stage. The first few snaps taken were fairly different and ABC also stressed that she used a Samsung device given that Samsung had partnered in.

Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen was also seen fiddling with (seemingly) Samsung Galaxy S5 while still on stage. However, it seems like the Galaxy Note 3 Ellen handed over to Bradley Cooper for the selfie clinched victory for Samsung. The selfie was retweeted almost treble the times that the previous record setting selfie did, one that featured US President Barack Obama. Just so that you know, this one got more than 3.2 million retweets against the beaten record selfie that achieved around 780,000 retweets.

Samsung Galaxy at Oscars

Many believe that product placement such as this is a nicer, and much milder, distraction than TV ads completely breaking the rhythm of shows. Thus, it is no surprise that it is used as an avid marketing approach for ad-skipping. What better time to toy with these techniques than the Oscars, right? Plus, such big names handling the product is really the icing on the cake. This also explains why Kantar Media estimates $1.8 million as the figure being paid for half a minute of the ad time during the Oscars by advertisers.

iPhone for backstage

BUT I prefer the Apple iPhone for my backstage encounters-deal with it.

Congratulations to Samsung whose twitter account was quick to tweet this after the good news came in: “Record-breaking selfie taken on#TheNextBigThing! Noted.”

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