Grammy-Nominated As I Lay Dying Metal Band Singer Confesses To Murder Plot

Most would remember Tim Lambesis as the lead singer of a metalcore band As I Lay Dying that has earned a nomination for Grammy in 2008. Unfortunately, Lambesis is in news for all the wrong reasons. The singer has confessed to charges that involve him contracting a hitman in order to get his wife murdered. As a result, Lambesis is charged with up to nine years of imprisonment.

Tim Lambesis

Rifts between the husband and wife culminated when Megan Lambesis filed for divorce back in September, 2012. She claimed that Tim Lambesis had less time to spare for family and was more engrossed in body building and spending thousands on tattoos. More than one affair while still married to Megan was also a bone of contention between the couple. These allegations convinced the prosecution to forbid access to his children while Megan was to walk with significant part of his funds after the divorce settlement.

Tim Lambesis trial

Investigations on the case began in April, 2013 when there was rumour about Lambesis telling his gym personal trainer about deteriorating relations between him and his estranged wife. Trainer Brett Kimball confirmed that Lambesis asked him if there was someone who could do the job for him. He couldn’t come to grips with the fact that his wife was going to walk with his money just like that. Sheriff’s Officer as the undercover agent disguised himself as the hitman (Codename Red) when he met Lambesis to discuss the ‘contract’.

Tim Lambesis in court

Lambesis confirmed that he never wanted to see Megan again and that Codename Red must kill her. Sherrif’s Officer confirmed that Lambesis handed out $1000 as part of expenses, other arrangements including an alibi, schedule to look after the kids as well as pictures that were to be taken post-murder. The arrest in May 2013 burst the bubble. Investigations also revealed that Lambesis was using steroids which hampered his thought process. It is apparent that he is devasted with the sudden turn of events. After initially pleading non-guilt during the arrest, he confessed soon after. It is also interesting to note that once a Christian-Lambesis denounced his faith during the proceedings.

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