This is How You Make a Cheap Glass Coffee Table At Home

A glass coffee table is not particularly a tough find but it does not always come cheap unless you decide to make it at home. Making one at home is certainly quite a hassle but it can easily save you a few bucks. An imgur user ‘stats’ shows exactly what you need to make a cheap glass coffee table at home.

Pipes for cheap glass coffee table.

What you require

For a home made coffee table, you require quite a few items not all of which will come cheap. These include a number of pipes and fittings: one 41” cut and threaded pipe (nearly $17), four flanges (about $10.55 per piece), four caps (approximately $2 each), six T’s (about $3 each) and twelve 8” pipe nipples (estimatedly $4 per piece). All these will set you back by about $130 in total.

Washing pipes for cheap glass coffee table.

Each of the pipes that you acquire in order to make a cheap glass coffee table, you would first need to soak them in dish soap for a day. This would remove all the machine oil prior to painting them the colour you would like them to be. When all the pipes are spick and span, they would seem something like this.

Clean pipes for cheap glass coffee table.

Once the paint has been applied to the work in progress, it would seem something along these lines. Be aware that the paint would still be wet at this point. Avoid any contact until it dries off.

Rubber circles cut for cheap glass coffee table.

Remove the flanges before placing them on a rubber shop mat. Trace each flange using a sharpie. Once they have been cut into rubber circles, use super glue or epoxy to glue these rubbers to the flanges. In this case, the rubber shop mat keeps the flanges from scratching the glass. Once this is done, you may set everything up. Finally, you have yourself a nice looking cheap glass coffee table all set by yourself.

Cheap glass coffee table made at home.

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