Guess Who Just Turned 25..The World Wide Web!

That’s right; it is time to cheer ‘Happy Birthday to World Wide Web.’ We celebrate every famous entity on the planet; why not celebrate the world’s most effective mode of communication on its 25th birthday? Who gets to cut the cake? Without doubt, it’s Sir Tim Berners Lee from Swiss Physics Laboratory who is known as the father of the web. Here’s a little stroll down the memory lane.

World Wide Web

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Sir Tim Berners Lee drafted a technical paper and presented the blueprint for what was later known as the World Wide Web. After receiving a rather timid response from his boss, Tim decided to press on by organizing an online phone directory for his own lab. Not only was it well received among the laboratory, but the US Vice President Al Gore also supported the idea which prompted government agencies to adopt it.

Tim Berners Lee

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Let’s also not forget the contributions of Marc Andreessen in helping the web to the heights of success it achieved. Marc is responsible for the creation of Mosaic-the first web browser. When this came to pass in the year 1993, people began to realize what awful lot of possibilities the World Wide Web opened for them. Mind you, before the advent of web browsers search mechanisms like WAIS did exist. However, browsers only made the web much more accessible and user friendly for most.

Marc Andreessen

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“Vague, but exciting” might be the only comment that Tim received from his boss but the web has proved to be so much better than just that. Accessible across a number of operating systems, the web has made sharing and accessing documents convenient and quicker. Here’s to another 25 years, and then another 25…and another for the World Wide Web. Oh, and Tim also left us a message on this special occasion:

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