Author: The Little Boy


Top Ten iPad Games of 2010

Christmas is here and we are just a few days short of a New Year. As the year 2010 packs up for its departure, we decided to bid farewell for what good it has...


Is Blogging Dead?

Lots of controversy has stemmed from the recent discussion about the fate of blogging. Here is a very interesting post about it on Regator.


The Uncrowned Cricket Messiah-Zulqarnain Haider

On a horrendous day for Pakistan cricket, when everything was going down the drain for the Pakistani batsmen, the team had sunk to an abysmal score of 101 with six wickets down. Pakistan were...


The Dangling Structure of Pakistan Cricket

They usually say nowadays, bowl out of your skins in order to trouble the batsmen and knock the opposition over. Well, fortunately for Pakistan cricket team, the team follows this part of the script...