28th Jan 2015
Father playing games

Redditor decides to try World of Warcraft after son passes. Many, many players, including a Blizzard employee offer their assistance

Who says one can be too old for gaming? A father in his late 50s decided to connect with his late son’s life by playing his favourite game, World of...

21st Jan 2015
Saroo Brierley with mother and adoptive mother

Google Earth reunites Indian-born Australian with his long-lost Mother

The kind of turns life can take for the better or worse can be quite interesting. Saroo Brierley would surely see the change in his life as one that he...

21st Jan 2015
WWE superstars

What do WWE Superstars Really Say During Wrestling Matches?

Those wrestlers in the ring seem vicious and blood thirsty as they take on one another, don’t they? Relax, they call it World Wrestling ‘Entertainment’ for a reason. Think of...

20th Jan 2015
Apple iPen

Apple might finally be willing to sell stylus as a stand-alone accessory for the iPad

Remember the good, old days when the stylus would be the center of attention with most Windows Mobile and Palm phones? It’s interesting to see that smarter rivals like Apple...

Bill Gates sips for Ominiprocessor – A machine that turns human waste into drinking water

An image of Bill Gates drinking a glass of water was released a few days back that was quick to go viral. It wasn’t the outcome of an ingenious man...

19th Jan 2015

How to download PlayStation 4 games via PC at blazing fast speeds?

Nothing irks gamers more than having to wait; be it for a favourite game to release or those annoyingly big digital games to download. The recent attacks on PlayStation Network...

17th Jan 2015

Ingenious man attempts to end console wars by combining PS4 and XBox One into one PlayBox

Let’s be honest; console wars only spread the fire of hate already blistering in the gaming world. Many console gamers in this day and age are busy defending their systems and...

17th Jan 2015
Cat saves abandoned baby

Stray cat saves an abandoned baby in freezing temperatures

Besides getting praised for being adorable and furry, cats are often associated with titles such as selfish and self-centered. A cat from Russia seems to have done something that convinces...

16th Jan 2015
New android bug

New Android bug leaves billions of non-KitKat devices vulnerable to security threats

A recently discovered bug now puts about 60 percent of Android smartphones and tablets under a serious bit of threat. Beware, if you own a device that is running a...

16th Jan 2015
Mega jackpot winner

Australian man misses out on AUD$1 mega jackpot only by leaving his seat vacant to the winner

An Australia-based reddit user ‘MikeEchoOscarWhisky’ fancies his chances with casino every now and then. He has what you may call a gambling routine rather than gambling addiction. The man came...