25th Apr 2015
This GTA V mod is one of the funniest GTA V mods ever.

YouTuber Shows Why GTA V PC Animal Apocalypse Mod With ASDF is one of the Funniest GTA V Mods

YouTuber BedBananas shows how one of the funniest GTA V mods allows players on PC to play as an animal of choice in GTA V. Termed the GTA V Animal...

24th Apr 2015
European eagle owl sits atop people's heads.

European Eagle Owl That Likes to Use the Heads of Townspeople as its Perch

Say hello to the European eagle owl that fancies using the heads of the townspeople as its perch. Apparently, the European eagle owl is based in Noordeinde, a small town...

23rd Apr 2015
First YouTube video features YouTube cofounder Jawed Karim.

First YouTube Video That Was Uploaded Ten Years Ago Features YouTube Cofounder

YouTube has been quite the happening spot as the website turns ten years of age. Exactly ten years ago, the first YouTube video titled ‘Me at the zoo’ was uploaded by YouTube...

22nd Apr 2015
Americans fumble with the Australian accent.

YouTuber Demonstrates How Clueless Americans Are About the Australian Accent

Australian accent can prove too complicated for newbies to understand. Those who are totally unfamiliar with the accent would most likely mistake it for some Chinese or Spanish dialect. YouTuber...

21st Apr 2015
Mobile app for hiring thugs is deadly as an app can get.

Chinese Mobile App for Hiring Thugs Allows People to Unleash Arranged Assualts

Technology seems to have advanced at such a pace that now there is an app for almost everything one wants to accomplish. Take this new Chinese mobile app for hiring...

20th Apr 2015
Colorful drawings of retro futurist cars

Unemployed Father makes Awesome Drawings of Retro Futurist Cars after Losing his Job

Reddit user ‘tomtompics’ recently shared a number of drawings of retro futurist cars made by his recently unemployed father. The man recently lost his job as an interior designer after...

19th Apr 2015
Custom Catan Board for classic Settlers of Catan board game

Guy makes Custom 3D Catan Board with Resin Cast Pieces on Laser Cut Tiles

Imgur user ‘roryjacobevans’ has managed to design a custom 3D Catan board with resin cast pieces on laser cut tiles. For those who are unaware, Catan refers to the Settlers...

18th Apr 2015
Super-sized animals: Maine Coon

Super-sized Versions of Animals that Actually Exist

1. Leonberger – The super-sized dog There were only a total of eight such dogs known to exist after World War II. You will find plenty more but the origins...

17th Apr 2015
David Hasselhoff rides a dinosaur in music video True Survivor

David Hasselhoff takes a dinosaur for a ride in his new music video for Kickstarted movie Kung Fury

Laser Unicorns, responsible for the Kickstarter-backed movie ‘Kung Fury’, have recruited former Knight Rider star ‘David Hasselhoff’ for the movie’s theme song, ‘True Survivor’. David Hasselhoff seems to have no...

16th Apr 2015
GTA V Oculus Rift

YouTuber shows what driving in GTA V using Oculus Rift DK2 feels like

Let’s be fair, shooting random people while overspeeding around in fancy cars and bikes and causing a ruckus is the essence of GTA games. That surely takes precedence over the...

29th Mar 2015
Team Australia celebrate World Cup win

Champions of the ICC World Cup 2015 Australia

Here is a pictorial tour of Australia winning the ICC 2015 World Cup journey.       Image Courtesy: ESPNCricinfo Like this post? Consider following us on Twitter and Facebook. It’s...