18th Apr 2014
Cloning skin cells

Successful Cloning Of Adult Stem Cells Opens Up New Medical Possibilities

We all knew it was around the corner, didn’t we? Cloning human cells had never been a possibility before until now.  Research team headed by Robert Lanza has successfully cloned...

Five Inventions By Teenagers That Deserve An Honorary Mention

It is heartening to see young‘uns take interest in science and technology. It is amazingly pleasant when the same kids of such tender ages strive to translate innovative ideas into...

16th Apr 2014
Caleb Walker

Brian O’Conner Is Still A Walker – Paul Walker’s Brothers Fill His Shoes

It’s happening, and it is happening at full throttle. It’s the Fast and Furious 7, afterall. There have been all sorts of rumours going on about what direction the film...

15th Apr 2014
Plant zombie

The Walking Dead ‘Plants’ – The Zombie Plants Among Us?

It’s still April but this is no prank, even though it might sound like something along the lines of the Plants vs. Zombies mobile game. Word is that scientists now...

14th Apr 2014
Medical Marijuana

Five Health Problems Medical Marijuana Can Treat Better Than Most

Marijuana has been in news for all the wrong reasons for quite a long while now. Its excessive recreational use has actually led to increased number of drug addicts and...

Motorola’s E-Tattoo and Magic Password Pill Could Be The Answer To All Your Digital Security Issues; Say Goodbye To The Likes Of Heartbleed

Internet security is a serious issue, and vulnerabilities such as the infamous Heartbleed only pave way for hackers into our systems. Strong passwords are recommended to counter that, you might...

10th Apr 2014

Does The Heartbleed Bug Make NSA The Real Threat To Your Internet Security?

It’s a pity that the infamous internet bug by the name Heartbleed still remains a major threat to more than half of the internet around the globe. It’s the major...

08th Apr 2014
DBC 14 batting

Don Bradman Cricket 14 Review- Cricket At Its Best!

“Don Bradman Cricket 14 is not like any cricket game you have played before, the first thing to do before you pick up the controller is to forget all that...

31st Mar 2014
Netherlands win

The Netherlands Double-Dutch England For The Second Time In History

It’s happened yet again. Netherlands have got the better of England after skittling the entire batting line at a cheap score of 88 runs. This is only the second time...

29th Mar 2014
Microjewels snails

Microjewels On The Verge Of Dying Out Shortly After Their Discovery

These puny snails from Thailand and Malaysia are so slim and small that it is really hard to spot them. They are merely a millimeter wide, to be exact. A...