21st May 2015
Light based computers could make computing a million times faster than it is.

Light Based Computers Could Make Computing Millions of Times Faster

Computers have come a long way in terms of power and performance over the years gone by. They continue to get faster and more energy efficient with every passing generation...

20th May 2015
These life sized dinosaurs are made by Mark Cline.

Billionaire in Alabama Had These Life Sized Dinosaurs As Lawn Ornaments

It was year 1991 when Mark Cline, an American artist, was busy building life sized dinosaurs outside the Enchanted Castle Studios in Virginia. Around that time, a shabbily dressed guy...

19th May 2015
Mama Henry is a rescued Tomcat that cares for abandoned kittens.

Henry The Rescued Tomcat Takes Care of Abandoned Kittens As His Own

Henry is a rescued Tomcat that fancies adopting other abandoned kittens. If you thought, human beings are the only ones that adopt abandoned kittens, think again. This rescued Tomcat shares...

18th May 2015
Cheap glass coffee table can be made at home.

This is How You Make a Cheap Glass Coffee Table At Home

A glass coffee table is not particularly a tough find but it does not always come cheap unless you decide to make it at home. Making one at home is...

16th May 2015
Nigerian restaurant selling human meat has been shut down.

Nigerian Restaurant Shut Down For Selling Human Meat

Authorities in Anambria, Nigeria shut down a restaurant selling human meat. Residents of Anambra reported their suspicions regarding the restaurant cooking and selling human flesh to customers. The police authorities...

15th May 2015
Classical animators doing reference poses for classic cartoon characters.

Classic Animators Doing Reference Poses for Iconic Cartoon Characters

Ever wondered what kind of reference poses classic animators did when they drew iconic cartoon characters? It’s actually common for animators to make similar facial expressions when they are perfecting...

14th May 2015
Expensive prom shoes made for cheap

This is How a Redditor Made Her Sister Expensive $6000 Prom Shoes At Home for As Cheap As $40

I am certainly no expert on fashion but online retailers sell glittery prom shoes for quite an expensive price so there’s hardly any chance of getting them for cheap. Like...

13th May 2015
Old countries that do not exist any longer.

Actual Countries That Do Not Exist Anymore

This post will take you through a list of actual countries that do not exist anymore. Some people often question whether a country can disappear. The myth of Atlantis, an...

12th May 2015
Famous actors playing their roles in their very first movies.

Famous Actors Playing Their Roles In Their Very First Movies

One often wishes to have witnessed some famous actors playing their roles in their very first movies. There’s absolutely no denying that Hollywood has produced some of the finest actors over...

11th May 2015
Seesee Rigney

The Oldest Nurse in the U.S. Celebrates Her 90th Birthday As She Completes Nearly Seven Decades of Service

Florence Rigney aka Seesee is the oldest nurse at the Tacoma General School of Nursing in Washington, United States. She joined the hospital back in 1946 as a student nurse...

10th May 2015
YouTuber FamilyJules7x

YouTuber FamilyJules7x Makes a Living By Playing Video Game Music on Guitar

Not everyone is fortunate enough to find a career in something that actually interests them. That especially appears to be the dilemma of those who are into gaming. Spare a...

09th May 2015
YouTuber Matt Stonie eats a massive burrito in less than two minutes.

YouTuber Eats a Massive Burrito In Less Than Two Minutes

Stuffing a burrito in your mouth is quite a daunting task as it is; eating a massive burrito in a short period of time doesn’t get any less challenging. YouTuber Matt Stonie...