12th Jul 2014
Destiny video game

Destiny Beta Code Giveaway For PlayStation 4

Feeling left out of all the Destiny Beta goodness due this month? Perhaps you didn’t want to dish out all those bucks just to preorder Destiny for the sake of...

11th Jul 2014
Insects are meat of future

Why Insects Would Be The Meat On Your Menu In Future?

Insects have been on the menu for quite a long while. It’s only the lately developed societies that have completely abandoned bugs out of the culinary route. Instead, it has...

10th Jul 2014
The Cloud

This Interactive Lamp Brings Thunderstorm To Your Room

Oh you have always wanted this, haven’t you? There is no better sight than the night sky flashing with thunder. The Cloud is an interactive lamp by New Zealand designer...

09th Jul 2014
3D printed earphones

Say Goodbye To Odd Fits With These Customized 3D Printed Earphones

Those mysteriously tangling wires are not the only issue with earphones. It’s a tricky process trying to find the right fit for your ears. ‘Normal’ earphones by Nikki Kaufman make...

08th Jul 2014
Tetris T-shirt

New Computerized Tetris T-shirt Gives You A Reason To Touch Yourself

You probably never imagined playing video games on your T-shirt. Marc Kerger on YouTube probably envisioned it as the next big thing for himself. The latest video he has uploaded...

07th Jul 2014
Most dangerous toys

Five Most Threatening Toys Of All Time

Toys are meant to be safe, right? Infact, it is the essence of any toy that you get for a little kid. Truth is, there are a number of toys...

06th Jul 2014
Amazon Fire Phone

Five Amazon Fire Phone Features You Won’t Find On Other Phones

Amazon finally took the wraps off its long-hyped smartphone, the Fire Phone. The question is what sets this phone apart from the rest that should convince you to buy it?...

05th Jul 2014
anti ageing flowers

Japanese Scientists Discover A Method To Considerably Slow Down Ageing…For Flowers

Don’t be fooled into thinking flowers will now be invincible. National Agriculture and Food Research Organization researchers in Tokyo claim that they have discovered methods as to how ageing in...

04th Jul 2014
Nokia charging trousers

These Cool Trousers By Nokia Can Wirelessly Charge Your Smartphone

Who doesn’t use smartphone on the go? It’s nearly impossible to be out there without a smartphone in your pocket but that also means that your smartphone is likely to...

03rd Jul 2014
LG Funny

These LG G3 Ads Will Make You Laugh (Especially If You Are A Woman)

Following the recent trend of taking jabs at the infamous (maybe not so much) Samsung Galaxy S5, LG jumps in with another take at the Galaxy S5.